Pink Fuel And Logo

Pink Fuel and Logo

The new Pink Fuel appliers for the Logo Alex head are out! I was so excited to get these and try them on the mesh head I purchased for myself. You’ve definitely seen the Logo mesh heads on Juicybomb before, because Gogo reviewed them here, here, and here.

“Can this Pink Fuel applier work for other mesh heads, such as the Catwa and Chloe heads?” The answer from Mochi is yes, but since they aren’t intended for those heads, you need to demo the applier first. You can do that here.

What would I like to see from Logo in the future for their mesh heads? Well, with the Kemono mesh avatar, you can apply different textures to the eyes and eyebrows, so that’s definitely one thing I’d like to see. Cosmetic applier layers are another. If all of that were Omega-friendly, I think it would be the best mesh head out there. The expressions are fantastic, as Gogo has mentioned in her review, and you can customize it so well that you won’t look like anyone else.

Pink Fuel and Logo

I’m taking some inspiration in terms of style from my friend Jaqualine, who shoots beautiful vintage photos and always looks perfectly put-together. This hair I’m wearing is from Murray, which I originally recommended Jaqualine pick up… but I’m totally wearing it for myself today! I feel like a young Anna-Nicole!

Pink Fuel and Logo

SO. It’s October, and it’s high season for some scary movies. Because of this, I opened up a little movie theatre on my store parcel for people to watch old Troma films. If you are familiar with Troma Entertainment, they’ve got a slew of movies you can watch for free on Youtube. This week, I have Class of Nuke’Em High streaming at the theatre, so take your friends and enjoy some popcorn on me!

What I’m Wearing

Logo Alex Head
Pink Fuel Skin Applier
Hair: Murray – Catherine
Earrings: Yummy – Faceted Solitaire
Necklace: Donna Flora – Andrea

Song: Lana Del Rey – Music To Watch Boys To



Hello from Vivara! I found this amazing new game hall that has both freeplay and skill gaming areas. It’s trussed up like a resort (and even has a poolside lounge!), so you can hang out at the luxury bar, go see a show, do some shopping (coming soon!) and take your friends to play Greedy and MooLoTo.

The other day I watched a Greedy tournament at Vivara and saw someone win 10k. Ten thousand lindens! That’s a lot. Maybe I should ditch my canvases and go be a professional gamer?

If you live in a state or country that allows you to visit Vivara in Second Life, you can go check them out here.

I’m wearing the Sunny mesh head from Genesis in this post! I wish it had expressions so I could wear it all the time. However, it’s a great gift head and awesome for making outfits with. As for a more permanent head to wear, I did find one, but you’ll have to find out next post what it is.

See you then!

What I’m Wearing

Genesis – Sunny Mesh Head (group gift)
Elikatira – Conclusion
Ryvolter – Mink Princess Stole
Blueberry – Rylai Dress
[ a.e.meth ] – Lucky Smoke Cigarettes
Post – Laika Cocktail

Song: Lana Del Rey – Old Money

Linden Endowment For The Arts


It’s October the 1st, and that means Havenhollow is open! This year, the event is being sponsored by the Linden Endowment for the Arts, a program that allows residents to apply for land grants and put on exhibits for other users to enjoy. If you want to apply for a sim, visit this website to learn more.

So far, some friends and I have run around Havenhollow and explored most of the places… but there’s a problem. We can’t find the ending! We’ve searched all over for hints and clues, but after looking through the haunted areas and trick-or-treated at all of the houses, we’re a bit stumped.

Have you visited Havenhollow yet? Do you know where the “ending” area is? Perhaps there isn’t one this year? Or maybe it’s a timed event and will be set up later? Leave a comment about what you think!

Art Farm Co-op

Speaking of the LEA arts program, if you want a smaller space to exhibit your work, there’s currently land available at the Art Farm Co-op sim in their Pop-up Gallery section. Read the rules here before you set up, so your stuff won’t get returned! All galleries are cleared after two weeks, but it allows for artists to show off their work and possibly be motivated to create more. Currently there are lots of spots available, so go grab one!

There’s also a cafe/city section (photo above) where users can make machinima, put on plays, and take photos to their hearts content. You can rez props in the cafe or the city itself to create as you need to. The cafe is also a great place to meet other artists and collaborate.

I’m very happy to see Havenhollow making use of the LEA program, and I hope they continue to earn land grants from them in the future. There’s a lot of joy and care in their work and to me, that’s what we need more of in the grid.

Do you create art in Second Life? Have you applied for/earned a LEA sim before? Do you know of other haunted places we should check out? Leave a comment! Thanks!

Stop Ripping Art That Isn’t Yours.

STOP this practice.

The person responsible for the mural in this painting is MALT, an artist from Detroit who does beautiful paintings around town and abroad. I recognized this picture because the irl version is located at an art park not far from me (scroll down to the last picture), and his style is recognizable just about anywhere.

I am not the first Detroiter to be active in the grid. Detroit Techno Militia was here once too. I’ve seen Niagara‘s work for sale at Tart Gallery, I’ve seen tons of great art in galleries that said they were used with permission, but I always had a funny feeling about it. Something was always off.

So when I recognize a fellow painter’s work in the game, especially if they’re a local artist, I contact the artist to let them know what’s going on. Sometimes they have actually given permission to have their work for sale or used in the grid, but many times they don’t even know their work is being used at all.

This practice is especially troubling when it comes to to hi-res photos like the one in the picture. I can tell it’s of a good quality. Whoever uploaded the texture either took a picture of this themselves, or ripped off a hi-resolution photo of the mural.

Many people still don’t understand this rule about art in Second Life, so let’s be clear:


  • You can’t just “take art” from Google searches and use them on tshirts and clothing.
  • You can’t use Disney movies on mesh versions of a VHS tape for c88 because you think it’s quirky and cute and that Disney has “enough money”.
  • You can’t upload books you didn’t author that aren’t public domain because “you think all creative work should be open source”.
  • You can’t demand to be talked to privately about this in order to prevent a public discussion. Get over yourself.

The sim this belongs to is filled with art that is both corporate (I saw an ad for Levi’s on the other side of the wall in the photo), and from other art that is so varied, it couldn’t possibly be all sourced with permission. I won’t link to them because it would encourage visits or possibly even hate–but I have contacted the muralist to tell him where his art is being used.

It’s not snitching, it’s what happens when other artists are tired of seeing work abused in Second Life and want it to stop. The grid should be a place to foster creativity and inspire others, not to deposit work you’ve taken from others.



This Navi hair from pr!tty inspired me to go somewhere pretty for photos! I love the branch wrapped with lights headband (included with the hair). Autumn is upon us, and I absolutely am ready for a richer color palette and warmer clothing. I need cardigans and leggings, now! These Althea sandals from r.icielli are so cute, I’ll probably wear them with lots of different outfits.


/Edit/ Thank you for asking me about the location! I visited The Shire – A picturesque Tolkien inspired realm.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Zenith – Rainy Day Umbrella Necklace (Golden)
pr!tty – Navi & Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights (Double) @ We <3 RP
Teefy – Alyssa Tucked Tank Top (Creme)
Teefy – Lavinia High-Waisted Shorts (Creme)
R.icielli – Althea v2 Flat Sandals (Sienna)

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